Body Treatments

Spa Body Treatments

Experience an incredible spa journey by combining the repairing benefits of a rejuvenating body treatment with a de-stressing therapy treatment. It is an ideal combination to heighten your holistic spa experience and promote perfect harmony.


Aromatic Salt Glow – Exfoliant {$45 / 30mins }

Restores skins natural radiant glow with an exfoliating sea salt enriched with Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, and Lavender. As these delightful aromas entice your senses, the body is gently polished, rendering skin silky-smooth and mineralized. Exfoliation is recommended as an ideal pre-treatment service in order to maximize body treatment results.

A Healthy Tan – Sunless Tanning Treament {$45 / 1 person package – With 4 people 5th will be free}

This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation, preparing you for an even, golden tan. Ideal for “special” occasions or pre-vacation to reveal an attractive tan without the harmful effects of excess sun exposure or tanning beds.

Aromatic Moor Mud Wrap – Renew {$85 /1 hour}

This scientifically-proven holistic, healing, black magma dates back to ancient civilizations. The Aromatic Moor Mud Wrap is rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This warm wrap is generously applied to your entire body. Aches and pains, along with sore muscles are alleviated as your body’s circulation is stimulated and stress vanishes. It is ideal for chronic pain, rheumatism/arthritis pain, fatigue, and post-sport injuries.

Moroccan Cocoon with Rassoul – Purify {$120 / 1 hour}

Volcanic ash is historically recognized as a purifying source for skin cleansing and moisture retention. A warm mud is generously applied to your entire body stimulating the release of impurities. As your skin absorbs enriching minerals, your body radiates healthy purification and deep hydration for a delightful sense of utter renewal.

Water Lily After-Sun Soothing Treatment – Alleviate {$120 / 1 hour}

Immediately relieve your sun-damaged or sun-sensitive skin with this soothing wrap. Cooling and desensitizing Water Lily, Green Tea, and Chamomile relive the discomfort of overexposed skin. Alleviate your skin’s burning and stinging sensations as this treatment heals, desensitizes, and decreases skin temperature.

Desert Heat Body Wrap – Energize {$120 / 1 hour}

Experience this warm, soothing, bubbling wrap formulated to vanquish fatigue and stress. Delivering nature’s richest Red Seaweed and mineralized golden Arizona Desert Mud, enriched with copper, magnesium, and zinc. As healing and nourishing minerals seep in, every inch of skin is relieved, resulting in a fatigue-free, fit, and mineralized body.

Detox Thallasso Wrap – Detoxify {$110 / 1 hour}

Wrap yourself in Seaweed Therapy. This effective treatment detoxifies and re-mineralizes dry, depleted skin. Your body is covered with warm micronized seaweed and gently wrapped. As stress and toxins are eliminated, your entire body resurfaces youthful, replenished, and hydrated.

De stress Aromatherapy Cocoon {$110 / 1 hour}

Breathe in tranquility as your body relaxes and stress gently slips away by using our natural essential oils. They will soothe your senses as they are warmly applied to stimulate your body’s ability to release stress. Your entire being is nestled in a delightful cocoon and transported to a state of divine relaxation.


Close your eyes, relax, and bid stress farewell. Your therapist rhythmically applies proven effective Swedish massage techniques to help you De-stress, unwind, and achieve a deep sense of wellness. Your circulation is boosted as sore joints and muscles are quickly alleviated.

Massage oil selection:
  • Serenity – alleviates stress and induces relaxation
  • Recovery – warming, delivers stimulating and healing benefits
  • Vitality – energizing and revitalizing,uplifts the spirit, stimulates alertness
  • Clarity – relaxing, delivers an unscented massage experience Can be combined with HOT STONE THERAPY

Hot Stone Therapy

Stone Therapy is a unique connection we experience with nature, offering a sense of profoundness and sacredness that we often forget. It’s a deep healing and unique moment that enhances our awareness and brings us closer to our true essence. Stone Therapy involves the application of water heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points of the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. Stone therapy makes you feel deeply relaxed, allowing you to let go of all the stress that is held within your body. It is really an amazing experience to offer to the ones you love.

Seaweed Smoothing Body Wrap {$110 / 1 hour}

Designed to detoxify and improve circulation, this smoothing micronized algae wrap improves your skin’s tone on problem areas such as: waist, hips, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks for a sleeker, silkier contour.


De-Aging Tropical Wraps

Tropical Escape {$150 / 2 hour}

Creme Franchise Wrap with Papaya-Pineapple

Nourishing and repairing, this exquisite tropical body wrap counteracts premature aging and sun damage by delivering wrinkle-smoothing and rejuvenating benefits. Drenched with Papaya and Pineapple, this tropical wrap is enriched with potent anti-aging ingredients such as Collagen and Elastin polypeptides. Guests experience a glorious sensory escape as they are enveloped by the scent of vanilla and enticing tropical fruits. The skin is deeply nourished and rejuvenated revealing an astonishing decrease in body creepiness and wrinkles.

Tropical Oasis {$150 / 2 hour}

Yogurt Wrap with Mango-Passion Fruit

Firming and brightening, this delightful tropical body wrap counteracts aging, evens skin tone, and delivers invigorating and toning benefits. Combining the tropical extracts of Mango and Passion Fruit, this wrap is rich in malic, tartaric, and citric acids, as well as anti-aging ingredients. Guests are transported to a sublime tropical oasis where their senses are gently awakened and phenomenal visible results are obtained. The skin emerges revived, refreshed, smoother, firmer, and vividly brighter.

Body Shaping Treatments

Cellu-Lite – Slimming Green Coffee Body Wrap (Anti-Cellulite) {$120 / 1.5 hour}

Slim and tone your body with a cutting-edge cellulite treatment. This slimming and toning wrap stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat, increase metabolism, and eliminate water retention. Pure 100% Micronized Green Coffee, naturally rich in Chlorogenic Acid, Polysaccharides, Proteins, and Essential Oils, smoothed and enhances your skin’s overall texture, visibly reducing spongy, dimply, and cellulolytic areas.

Firming Neck & Bust Treatment {$90 / 1 hour}

This remarkable repair therapy utilizes a high-performing photo-extract— a high concentration of Kigelia Africana, to restore suppleness and elasticity on your neck and bust area. As this specialty mask is removed, skin appears firmer and tighter, revealing a youthful neck and decollete.

European Back Treatment {$65 / 1 hour}

An effective treatment, the European Back Treatment, cleanses and clears problem areas on the back and shoulders. This often-neglected area will make your “exit just as elegant as your entrance!” It is a complete deep pore cleansing, including extractions and a specialty mask, incorporating in stone therapy which makes this back facial truly luxurious.


Chocolate Treatments

(Duration 1-1 ½ hrs.)

Chocolate Fondue Wrap {$110 / 1 hour & $155 / 1.5 hours}

Feel the warmth of an exclusive Chocolate blend as it revitalizes your skin and relaxes your entire being. A luxurious body exfoliation is followed by a fondue application. Your body is then comfortably wrapped to enhance the total effect.

Cocoa Massage {$110 / 1 hour & $155 / 1.5 hours}

Enjoy chocolate the spa way…calorie free! Our Chocolate scented massage oil combines with a classic Swedish Massage to delight your senses and vanquish stress.

Kiss My Hands Chocolate Manicure {$35 / 1 hour}

Wrap your hands in delectable Chocolate for an unsurpassed treatment experience. This treatment first polishes and invigorates your hands with a chocolate mint scrub and then delivers hydrating benefits with a chocolate mousse mask. A complete manicure is performed during this treatment.

Chocolate Kisses Pedicure {$65 / 1 hour}

Let your overworked feet experience divine chocolate luxuries. Relax as a Chocolate Mint scrub polishes your feet, and a divine chocolate mousse mask nourishes and hydrates. Your feet are refreshed and it’s all calorie free!



Mia Bella Salon and Spas has chosen the best waxing products available to meet their highest standards for skin and beauty; offering removal with minimal pain and the utmost precision.

Eye Brows$12
Under Arms$20
Half Arm$25
Full Arm$40
Stomach & Chest$65
Male Brazilian$60 & up
Full Body (Female)$190 & up
Full Body (Male)$200 & up
Ears for Men$15
Back (Half)$45
Full Leg$75
Half Leg$55


  • Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks
  • Prices subject to change without notice
  • Additional waxing services priced upon consultation
  • We will not be able to perform your waxing service or any other kind of waxing services under these conditions:
    • If you are using any Retinol products i.e. Retin A, Renova etc. on your bikini line or brow area
    • If you are using Accutane
    • If you have any kind of sun burn or laser burn on the area to be waxed
    • If you have any kind of STD whatsoever

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