• unnamedThey are made from the highest Quality, 100% mink fur.
  • They are completely cruelty free, handmade, sterilized/ hypo-allergenic and can be used up to 25 times!
  • They are immediately became a favourite of our models and celebrities alike, and so we decided to offer it to everyone.
  • Offering the Highest quality available, at the best prices.

Marylin’s EyeLash Extensions

Temporary Lashes (lasts up to 1-14 day’s)

Wether you are looking to enhance your individuality and choice of expression we have the lash for you, Choose from:
J-curl, B-curl, C-curl, CC-curl , D-curl, L-curl, L-lift
Basic Full Set $150 & up
Dramatic Full Set $250 & up

We only use the highest quality of 100% “Mink Lashes

Permanent Lashes FULL SET (2-3 hour appointment)

(Can last up to 30-60 days depending on lifestyle and care)

They are individual lashes applied to your own natural lash and not to the skin. We only use the highest quality of 100% “Mink Lashes”
Basic Full Set $250 & up (2 hour appointment)
Dramatic Full Set $350 & up (3 hour appointment)

Fill-In’s –
Recommended every 2 to 4 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and prolong the life of the lashes
For Fill-In- 15 minutes $40
30 minutes $85
45 minutes $115
1 hour $195
***It is normal to lose approximately 25% of your lash extensions every two weeks due to your natural lash shedding. Beginning with our Dramatic Full Set, your extensions will look fuller for a longer time.***

Individual Eyelash Extensions

(Appointment required Lasts Up to 2 weeks)

Full Minx Lashes Full Set (2 hr. appointment time) $350
Skip Minx Long & Sexy Full Set $200
Full Set $200 (lasts 4 weeks) 2 Hr. appt.
If you come in within 4 weeks $90 – $115
Eyelash Removal $30

Eyelash Removal

This can be credited towards a new set of Minks Lashes $40

Marylin Strip 100% Mink Lashes

For that fun night out or special occasion try out our temporary Lash Strips

Full Lash $20
Half Lash $20
Eyelash Tinting $25
Eyebrow Tinting $25
Eyebrow Shaping $10


Marylin’s Lash Lovers Package (One Full Set and 12 Fill-In’s ***$200.00 Savings (2 FREE Fill-ins)***) $1050.00
Skip Minx Long & Sexy Full Set $200
Marylin’s Lash Addiction Package (One Full Set and 24 Fill-In’s ***$350.00 Savings (4 FREE Fill-In’s)***) $1800.00

*Gift Cards are the perfect gift for that someone special all year long!*

Eyelash Extension Menu

You will fall in love with these individual, semi-permanent, silk lashes. Our custom full sets are of the highest quality and take up to go minutes to apply. Our staff are professionally trained advanced experts in the latest techniques and products. Our service and dedication to our clients are unsurpassed. Do your normal activities and he more photogenic! Detailed consultation needed at the beginning of every service.

These professional, lightweight silk lashes will give you a wide eyed beautiful look that is natural but noticeable. Enjoy your extensions for up to a month without any mascara, clumping or running, amino damage to the natured lash. Once you get used to your wide eyed appearance you may choose to keep them. lash fill-in’s are available and are expected every g weeks. Pricing aces not include any at home care products, these are optional and sold separately. Path visit includes a detailed, complementary consultation.